Four Questions to Drive Customer Safety and Engagement in a COVID-19 World

By: Mike Welsh, Chief Creative Officer, Mobiquity

Before COVID, most consumers chose retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, and other providers based on the quality of products and services, the pricing offered, and the overall customer experience. In the COVID world, consumers have a new priority: safety.

Given the continued uncertainty around the spread of the novel coronavirus, every organization needs to give serious thought to how it can address health concerns, increase certainty, and, ultimately, reduce consumer anxiety.

Rather than viewing this as an exercise in problem solving, consider it a business opportunity. Flip the script to find more value for your customers AND your business. How? You can start by exploring these questions:

  1. How can you make it as safe as possible for customers to interact with your business?
    Consider how you can implement both physical and digital tools to increase safety. In store, that includes all the measures you’ve already implemented — from requiring customers to wear masks and making hand sanitizer readily available to performing frequent cleanings between customer interactions. You can complement such physical precautions with digital tools. For example, you can add contactless payments to your mobile app, thereby eliminating touch (and the related risks) from your customer experience. Another potential enhancement: launching a voice skill so consumers can speak directly into their phone, Alexa device, or computer to find what they need, pay for it, and complete their order. Across channels, be sure to communicate the enhanced policies and procedures you’ve implemented to retain loyal customers as well as attract new ones who are ready to engage digitally.

Shopping behaviors have changed at an unprecedented pace in 2020. Be strategic about how you build on that momentum — and position your brand as a dependable, safe, and desirable choice for customers in a way that works best for you.

If you’re ready to start thinking about how you can improve the way you protect and engage your customers,

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