5 signs you’re ready to launch your digital banking program

By: Matt Williamson, Mobiquity

The pandemic compressed a decade’s worth of consumer e-commerce adoption into three months in 2020. With new consumer preferences and behaviors likely to endure, financial institutions have been accelerating their digital banking programs. By now, you may have finished articulating (or updating) your digital banking vision. You’ve assessed and adjusted your business model — and determined how to extend or otherwise enhance your products and services. Now you’re ready to formally launch your digital banking program.

Or are you?

In working with banks and credit unions around the world, Mobiquity has identified five key signs that you’re ready to launch your mobile or online banking service. As you prepare to pull the trigger, evaluate your readiness in these areas.

  1. You’ve established a governance model.
    You’ve created a governance model to provide structure as customers engage with you, deliver feedback on your digital banking program, and offer up their own ideas. You’ve designed the model to assess how any potential changes to the program align with your organization’s values and goals. The framework is also intended to prevent delays, confusion, and other issues as the program scales and evolves over time.

Ready, set, innovate

If you’ve answered yes to each of these questions, you’re ready to go! If not, we hope this guide can help you adjust your plan and increase your chances of success.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or enhancing an existing program, consider downloading our playbook, “A Global Guide to Digital Banking: Your Playbook for Creating Digital Experiences Customers Love.” It walks you through key steps to creating a digital banking experience that engages and empowers customers.

Ready to get started with your digital banking strategy? Let’s talk.

Originally published at https://www.mobiquity.com.



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